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Be the grateful one

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

I learned a painful lesson many years ago. It’s this: no one has to be nice to you. No one. Many people don't understand this.

Not everyone is kind. Unfortunately, there are people that you’ve trusted with your heart who are underserving of that treasure. There are folks in your life who should treat you like gold, but they discard you like garbage. And there are others who breeze through life with the selfish expectation that any kindness shown to them is their right. Sad to say, but that’s life.

That thought—that no one has to be nice to me—has guided my actions for decades. When someone shows me even the simplest kindness, I am truly grateful.

You would think it’s a small thing, gratitude. But people notice. Gestures of kindness or even simple etiquette are often done without a second thought, as it should be. But noticing the act kindness, being present in the moment, and appreciating the person who sees your humanity and your need is huge—even if that kindness was just holding a door open.

I’ve discovered that gratitude expressed is like a tender hug. Gratitude puts the spotlight on the other person. Gratitude is the most gracious response we can give to another person.

Don’t just smile your gratitude. I speak it. Words are powerful.

And don't just speak your gratitude, feel it. Neuroscience has revealed that gratitude rewires your brain to be a happier person. Check it out.

Be grateful for every moment that you get to spend with people you love, and don't forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

In today’s world where everyone seems to be rushing through their day, take a moment and be the grateful one. It will be a blessing to someone else.


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