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Lifehack: It's okay to have not arrived yet

People with goals are driven to succeed. The issue is that it will take time to reach your goal. But, hang in there!

While you're on the journey and striving, it can sometimes feel frustrating. It seems that your goal is just out of reach. The truth is that you have probably come a long way since you first set out. The secret to not letting yourself burn out on the journey is be grateful for every step along the way. Be grateful, proud, and determined.

I saw a great quote about writers that struck a chord with me:

I've told friends that I just don't know how to quit. I keep pushing forward. It's okay to have not reached your goal—yet.

As frustrating as it can be, I keep my goal in mind. While I've continue on this (long, long!) journey, I've met wonderful, encouraging people. That in itself make the journey tolerable. I'm going to believe that persistence will pay off.

Write on, friends!



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