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Prayer warrior, keep praying!

Updated: May 25, 2022

Do you have people from your past that you still pray for? I do.

There have been situations that have compelled me to pray for certain people. Most of them I don't have a relationship with. They are people whose lives intersected with mine, usually for a brief time.

A tragedy occurred over 30 years ago to some neighbors. I started praying for the children in that situation. Occasionally they're brought to mind, and I pray for them again. I have to believe it it the Holy Spirit prompting my prayers.

This week a "memory" popped up in my social media feed. Guess what? I still pray for

this young lady. I hope that her situation has improved and that her heartache has been resolved. I pray that is so.

Friends, today's blog post is short and sweet. Keep praying for situations that stirred your heart years ago. Those prayers might just be a Heavenly assignment, so do your part!


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