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This Valentine's Day write a memorable love letter

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and you still have time to compose a love letter for your special someone.

As a word person, I think putting your heart on the page by writing a love note is priceless. Sure, you could spend tons on a retail purchase, but writing the feelings in your heart and giving it to the one who holds your heart is priceless.

First, don't feel overwhelmed—a love note doesn't have to be pages long, a paragraph or two is fine. Short, sweet, and from the heart is all you need. You can write your love letter on any scrap of paper, but if you have the time to shop, nice stationery or a blank greeting card might make the missive more memorable. Also, write it in pen. (Consider writing it out first on a piece of scrap paper.)

Here are some tips for simplifying the letter-writing process:

  1. Date your letter in the upper right side of your paper. If you write more love letters, make sure to date them too. Letters will give you a record of your relationship highlights.

  2. Use an intimate salutation:

    1. Beloved

    2. My love

    3. Honey

    4. Dearest

    5. Darling

    6. A special nickname you use for your honey

  3. For the body of the letter, start by giving the reason for writing a love note:

    1. Valentine's Day

    2. Anniversary

    3. Birthday

    4. Just because

    5. To compliment your love on an accomplishment

  4. Elaborate with details to illustrate your affection. Highlight a special quality of your loved one—either physical (smile, eyes) or a trait that you find attractive (generosity, kindness, etc.)

  5. Mention something that you love about the two of you together, like the way you feel when you're being hugged, the kisses you share, or the walks together you enjoy. (*Keep the love letter PG. If the note gets saved, you don't want to gross out your kids or grandchildren.)

  6. Tell a little story by recounting something that makes you smile or stirs your emotions. Sharing memories is a beautiful way to cement a relationship.

  7. Mention why you feel blessed to have your love in your life. Also, write about something you look forward to sharing in the future.

  8. Declare your love!

  9. Use a romantic complimentary close:

    1. Your Valentine

    2. With all my love

    3. Hugs and kisses

    4. Forever yours

    5. Passionately

    6. Your loving wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend

  10. Seal it with love:

    1. Put a lipstick kiss on the envelope

    2. Tie the letter with twine or a ribbon

    3. Use sealing wax or a nice sticker

Have fun and make a beautiful memory by writing a love note to your honey.

Styles have changed, so I don't expect your love note will be similar to the promised sample letter. I found this on a blog from the Hart Cluett Museum. (They were fantastic when I was researching a previous novel!)

One of the things I love about this note is the anonymity of the sender and the man to whom it was sent. I think the omission of names in the letter gives it a feeling of intimacy. I wonder if she wrote it that way to protect them if the letter got into the wrong hands.

Text from a February 14th, 1854 love note:

"Amiable Sir, Custom permits me today, what at any other time would be a violation of female decorum. It allows me to assure you, that the sentiments you seem to entertain towards me, are returned with all the ardor and sincerity of one who is proud and happy to subscribe herself, your Valentine."

The document is courtesy of the Eddy-Nash-Ludlow Collection of papers at RCHS (Rensselaer County Historical Society)

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