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Upcoming Novels

Through her novels and speaking engagements, Megan DiMaria loves to be an encouragement to women. Her upbeat personality and deep appreciation for the humor in ordinary moments creates a bond with other women as they laugh and learn that life is an adventure, one not for the weak of heart.


Megan's books affirm the value of faith and family. 


Her first two novels, Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands are available on Amazon. 

The Lady in the Locket

 There’s a puzzle to be solved, and it’s all tied up with the lady in the locket. Leni was certain her father loved Delores, her beloved stepmother. So when he claimed the mysterious lady pictured in an heirloom locket was the love of his life, she was stunned. Three weeks later—before she could unravel his cryptic declaration— her father died of a massive stroke.


Leni travels to historic Troy, New York to secretly investigate the lady in the locket and to help her stepmother sort through the old homestead before she sells the property. Leni determines to defend her father’s character from the claim that he’d had an affair. Throughout this undertaking, she resurrects friendships with a childhood girlfriend and an old flame with an annoying habit of getting under her skin. Her friends force her to ask hard questions, and when she solves the mystery of the lady in the locket, she’ll learn some important things about herself, too


Life is finally falling into place for forty-something photo editor, Julie Bowers. Her teens are self-sufficient enough for her to reach for her professional dream—and it looks like she’ll finally have it all. That is until her emotionally distant mother begins to make requests for Julie to perform some unusual favors. Hoping to bridge the gap that’s always existed between mother and daughter, she agrees.

But the dream job is turning into a nightmare, and her teen daughter, a victim of bullying, is drifting further and further from her. Can Julie fix the connection with her mother and save her daughter?

Meanwhile, old letters from her immigrant grandmother's family prove that seeds of dysfunction were planted generations ago. Julie becomes heir to a legacy of regrets.


Can she pick up the guilt and sorrows of multiple generations and set the cosmic scales to rights? Or will her efforts fail, along with the hopes she has for her family?

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A Prisoner of Hope


Offering hope and encouragement for life, writing, and living a thoughtful life.