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I am a seasoned communications and marketing professional with experience writing brochures, newsletters, video scripts, speeches, training manuals, employee manuals, web content, social media posts, postcards, flyers, email blasts, and posters. I'm also a print and broadcast journalist with experience writing hard news, press releases, professional correspondence, feature articles, and copy for feature-length advertisements. Professional editor. Professional novelist. I am experienced, diligent, responsible, and love to meet deadlines.

As a writer, I pride myself on creating text that speaks the language of my readers. From conceptual, powerful, and thought-provoking words to pretty, emotional, and clever words, I craft my message to meet goals in the most effective and persuasive manner. As a journalist, I'm able to research material without difficulty and break down industry-specific terms for the average consumer to understand. As an editor, I work with writers to polish and refine the work while being true to the author’s voice.

Let's chat. 

Megan edited my novel manuscript, mainly for content and style, helping me catch many inconsistencies and redundancies I had missed in my own revisions. She paid special attention to patterns in my writing weaknesses, flagging them multiple times so I could see how wide-spread the issues were, and she guided me in the standard use of tricky punctuation. In short, she helped me start to find the diamond beneath the coal dust. I especially appreciated her professional communication, her punctuality in meeting our agreed-upon deadline, and her reasonable fee.

~Kaylene Powell, author of The Voice of Melody

I hired Megan to help me connect with various media outlets, including local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations. I was on a time crunch and was concerned I hadn't given her enough time to craft the material, but I was wrong. Megan created press releases and letters with event and interview pitches. She also sent me additional media outlets I hadn't considered. I was very pleased with her level of expertise, her efficiency, and her responsiveness. I highly recommend her services.

~Jennifer Slattery, author of When Dawn Breaks and Beyond I Do

It's amazing how Megan was able to distill pertinent information down to a manageable size for our website.

~Reid Hanson, President & Founder, Cairnstack Software

 I have worked with Megan for several years, and I have found her to be a thoughtful, convincing, and sensible wordsmith. She has an ear for the written word and has used her talents to help me build hundreds of different marketing campaigns and many of my more successful posts on my blog and social media sites.  She has also polished my company’s public image by creating several different bios for my employees and myself personally.


She is always very professional in appearance and demeanor, but personable in her interoffice interactions.  Her work is impressively punctual, meeting all of her deadlines and many times returning text to me within hours of my requesting them. She manages to organize notes from several departments into coherent communications, and her proofreading skills are par excellence.


I’m very excited to give this recommendation to Megan because I believe in her talents so much. I know she will be a valued member of any staff lucky enough to catch her.


~Sandy Puc, Owner/President Sandy Puc’ Photography


As an entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for ways to expand your business. Often, rather than investing more time and money into traditional marketing efforts, you can achieve growth by investing in yourself. Expand your sphere of influence, the philosophy goes, and the clients will find you.


Sounds simple enough, right? You’re good at what you do and you have a lot of wisdom to share. So, how do you translate that into influence?




To share your wisdom and business acumen, you must first position yourself as an expert. You can use several strategies to present your expertise . . .


Read more here.

Author Media Letter

Dear [Reporter],


As someone covering the drama of day-to-day life in the Omaha [Lincoln, etc.] area, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Life can get messy. Chaos can reign. Discouragement can be a life sucker.


Not many understand difficult situations more than myself. Once homeless and a high school dropout, I have prevailed over many challenges to turn my life around. Today I offer a message of hope, both through speaking engagements and my missional novels that inspire others to get involved in the community.


Well versed in the issues faced by the disadvantaged in the Omaha [Lincoln] area community, I would like to make myself available as an expert for you when the need arises.


I have now come full circle and am a board member of an Omaha Metro ministry that connects people with humanitarian organizations to serve the working poor, homeless, the addicted, impoverished, at-risk and broken. To overcome, I focused on my goals rather than circumstances, completing seminary classes to equip myself to be an asset to the community. I strive toward raising awareness for homelessness, dispelling the myths, and turning apathy into compassion and involvement.


I have attained success in life and have become a published author and winner of several national and local writing contests, a ghostwriter, and have created Vacation Bible School curriculum. I currently write for, Internet Cafe Devotions, and an international ministry that broadcasts to 32 countries. I am a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.


My latest novel, When Dawn Breaks, released this past January. It is a contemporary romance filled with humor and intrigue. The story centers around a hurricane and its aftermath, ten years after Katrina. I lived in Louisiana during Katrina and helped with the humanitarian efforts. As in my previous release, Beyond I Do, characters overcome obstacles and embrace hope—much like I have.


With your approval, I would be delighted to send you a copy of When Dawn Breaks.


To arrange an interview or just chat, please contact me at I’m eager to be of assistance and love to discuss all things literary.


Attached is a press release, and here are some links to reviews of my books.


Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Best regards,

Jennifer Slattery

Cairnstack Software Company Overview

Inventory, it’s important. At Cairnstack Software, we understand. Our asset-tracking and inventory-management products provide inventory solutions for small business at a price you can afford because we believe every company should have the best tools available at their disposal. And our asset-management tools are fully scalable to accommodate your future growth.


At Cairnstack, our logistics streamline your inventory process. Our inventory software is fast, easy to use, and very affordable. Best of all, we stand behind our products and alongside our customers. We understand our customers are human because we’re human too. We value civility, enjoy a bit of humor, and honor our commitments. We’re willing to listen to your needs and learn about the complexity of your specialty industry.

Do you worry about the amount of inventory dollars your business loses each year? will help you find those dollars. What about all the labor hours that you spend tracking inventory? will help you recover those hours. will save you time and money! asset-tracking software offers advanced business-inventory logistics to small businesses—any small business. can prevent unnecessary purchases of duplicate inventory by techs in the field, saving you time and money. Our clients track everything from mangos and herbs and spices to consumer electronics and ski boots.


Cairnstack Software integrates with your existing accounting and bid-software programs to make your life that much easier. Want to know our secret? It’s our proprietary, live QR code. All your inventory items receive an individual LiveQR code so you can track the full history of an item’s movement within your company and long after.

At Cairnstack Software we’ve created a system designed for ease of use so people actually use it: the platform creative, accommodating, straightforward, and will save you money. Check it out!

Marketing copy:

The Body School ~ Fitness nirvana for every body!

Enjoy unparalleled luxury at The Body School, metro-Denver’s newest, all-encompassing fitness experience. Be transformed, mind and body, in a spa-like fitness club that offers a flexible membership and provides physical and spiritual refreshment.

Indulge yourself, and encounter the newest, most unique concept in fitness clubs. The Body School’s monthly membership fee gives you many choices to satisfy your spirit and strengthen your body.

Our four core classes include:

• yoga/Pilates, body sculpting

• resistance training

• martial arts/self defense

• ballroom dancing

Also enjoy extracurricular classes that may include:

• belly dancing

• massage therapy

• diet/nutrition

• holistic health, and other relevant topics.

The Body School is a haven where you can leave the world behind. Relax amid awesome beauty, sheer simplicity, blissful peace, and a calming, quiet environment. Unwind from the worries and responsibilities of life, set goals to feed your soul, and find the peace you seek.

Denver Magazine Article: Brown's Compounding Pharmacy

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