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Encouraging women to embrace life's demands and delights.

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Women's Ministry Speaking Topics:

  • Enduring the Back rooms of the Palace—How is God preparing you for such a time as this? (Esther 2)

  • Write Your Story as His Story—Create a journal that reflects God's presence in your life. 

  • Who am I?—Claiming your value as a daughter of the King. (Eph. 2:10)

  • The Value of Words—Learn to portion your words against the measure of eternity. 

  • Custom-designed presentations written to suit your needs.

Take a few minutes, and listen to Megan's devotional to the 400 writers who attended the ACFW national conference in 2007.

ACFW Conference Devotional.mp3Megan DiMaria
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Topics for Writers:

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Creating Convincing Characters

  • It's Not Rocket Science: Tips to Make Writing Your Novel Easier

  • Overcoming Writer's Block

With a unique combination of insight and wit, Megan captures the heart of her hearers. Her professional and personal experiences have provided a wealth of knowledge, fueling her passion to encourage women to live as prisoners of hope, not slaves to fear. She chooses timely topics and presents them with clarity and focus. You will not be disappointed.

~Michele Cushatt, Author/Speaker

Using the paintbrush of experience and personal conviction, Megan speaks powerful words that create an endearing portrait of God’s love.

~Alisha Michael, Women’s Ministry,

Newday Christian Church, Franktown, CO

Megan DiMaria is a gifted communicator, a masterful wordsmith, and a teller of stories. Her greatest gift is her ability to relate to her audience. She communicates in a way that is very familiar. Her Fridays are like Fridays that I’ve experienced, her Mondays are like a Monday I had not too long ago. In the end, this is what good storytelling is all about.

~Scott Stover, Certified Speaker Trainer,

Dynamic Communicators Workshops, Nashville, TN

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