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Why reading is good for you

Me at the Trinity College library in Dublin, Ireland. See? Books make me happy.

Isn't this great news? Reading is GOOD for you!

I've always LOVED to read, and now there's scientific proof that lifelong reading may help you maintain your marbles when you get old.

But aside from those wonderful benefits, reading had helped to shape my personality and outlook.

I've identified with some amazing and courageous characters who have nudged me to be try to be more courageous.

I've found that some of my rough edges have been softened by seeing a situation through another set of eyes.

I've found escape during difficult times in fiction that has helped me walk through some valleys. My fictional "friends" have kept me company on days when I'm not fit for polite society.

How about you? Have books rescued you when you needed it?

*The photo is me at the Trinity College library in Dublin, Ireland. Books make me happy!


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