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An open letter to a discouraged writer

I'm fortunate to be able to attend writers' events and to strike up friendships with lots of other authors. I've noticed though, that in every group there's at least one writer who is questioning their their efforts—writers who are wondering if they should continue.

I'm pleased to offer some encouragement to ponder:

Dear friend,

Don’t give up your dream of writing.

Because we are all different, your unique perspective is important. The way you expound on a theme is important.

Readers will be blessed to immerse themselves in your story world. The setting you create will invite people to experiment with new ideas.

You weave a tale and speak with words that will move hearts. Your readers will get inside the skin of your characters, and they will experience thoughts and emotions they otherwise would never know.

You will help people to see the world in a new way.

You will be a blessing!

Don't give up!

No one said it would be easy. It’s not. (And, you know that!) However, it’s still worthwhile to continue to pursue your dream.

Be faithful to your calling because God is faithful. The seed and the desire He has sown into your heart deserve to be nurtured and deserve to flourish.

Keep pressing on.

Pray about your efforts. Pray for words that will make a difference. Listen for His encouragement and guidance.

Ignore the voice of doubt.

And, write on!




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