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Do you walk by faith?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Life can be hectic. Right?

There are times when we feel like life is bombarding us with situations and emotions and demands—when it seems like our nice, orderly life has shifted into chaos mode.

That’s been happening to me lately. Fortunately, I have faith to see me through any bumps in the road, which is what I’m dealing with now.

My dreams and goals seem to be drifting out of reach, but I’m not worried. Sure, it’s a pain, but this too shall pass. I have faith that what God has ordained for my future will come to pass. And if it’s not what I’ve been planning, that’s okay.

I trust God has my life in His hands, and His plans are better than mine. That’s not wishful thinking, it’s faith. Some situations compel me to practice my faith, which is something we should all do. Instead of fretting, I pray. (Or at least I try to remember to do that.)

Tonight I’ll sleep as well as usual. I’ll pray as I drift off. When faced with a challenge, I simply keep going.

Maybe I don’t know how to quit.

I have failures. I sometimes doubt if I’ll be successful. But God made me unstoppable. Despite what the world sees as my odds, I keep going. One of the first Bible verses I memorized, 1 Peter 5:7, says, Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.

Tonight, I’ll give all my worries to Him, and it will be fine.

I felt compelled to share these little thoughts with you. If you have worries, try trusting and praying instead of tossing and turning. If you need to chat, send me a line.

Have a great week, friends!


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