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Advice: How to silence that internal critic

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.

~Paul Sweeney

Have you been writing toward the goal of being published? Are you hanging in there?

I am. I’m not ready to walk away. I can’t account for my decision—whether it’s sheer stubbornness or a small flicker of hope—but I know I will persevere. I still think it’s a good story. I still think the (internal) journey my character takes will speak to someone who has the same doubts and questions. My novels revolve around family. I believe in the beauty of family and the value of a loving unit. I love writing about families united and strengthened.

I’ve made a determination to silence the internal critics that shout, “No one will want to read this! You’re wasting your time!” I recommend you do that too. Once you do silence them, you’ll be able to hear that still, small voice telling you, “Push forward, my child. Keep writing.” Trust me, it’s true. Trust that still, small voice that is clinging to the tattered raft floating in your sea of doubt. Hang on!

Here are some tips:

  • Ignore the negative Nellies out there. Outside voices will feed into your insecurities or doubt

  • Write to soothe your soul. If you feel this is a divine assignment, your job is to be faithful. God is in charge of the outcome.

  • Remember every published author was once a rejected author. It's part of the journey.

  • Keep in mind that reader who is waiting for your story. Keep writing!

  • It's hard to have to wait, but sometimes God uses that time for our benefit and His glory.

  • Do you have critique partners? First readers? Maybe your story is meant to bless only them. If so, your time is not wasted.

  • Cast your anxiety on God. He cares.

Write on, friends!


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