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Counting blessings and being thankful

I believe it's important to find a quiet place, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and recall what you are grateful for. These days especially, we need to be mindful about counting our blessings. The world is in a state of shared misery, dealing with the effects of COVID-19. I don't need to elaborate, we are all experiencing difficulties of one kind or another.

Do you ever take some time to sit and ponder your blessings?

You should.

One of the best things to do when it feels like you're living in a snow globe that's continuously being shaken up is to take a moment to read the Bible, pray, and give your heart a rest.

Sometimes we can forget what we should be most grateful for. So, go ahead—count your blessings. Say a prayer. Search for an encouraging Bible verse. It will do you good.

I have also been thinking about that quote by the American poet Robert Frost. When he was an old man, he was asked what he had learned about life. His reply, "It goes on." Life will go on, and while we're enduring the changes in our world, we need to focus on blessings.

There's always something to be grateful for. Perhaps Mr. Frost's quote is something to count as a blessing—life does go on. Eventually, we'll have this virus experience behind us. And that's something to be grateful for.

The weather has finally turned, and spring is in bloom here in Colorado. The finches have returned to my fur tree, and I've been able to leave the window open so I can hear their sweet song. This week, we brought our patio/yard furniture up from the basement.

This chair is one of my special places. I love to spend quiet time here thinking about life, about my darlings, about my blessings. I love to read in that chair or to put my lap desk over the wide arms and tap away on my computer. I love to sit and read intriguing novels or sweet words of hope. I also love to sit here and pray for loved ones.

Right now I'm counting my blessings, and one of them is the pleasure of sitting in this little spot in the coming months.

~Wishing you a quiet spot to count your blessings and feel joyful abundance!


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