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Do Christian artists and writers have a duty in creating their art?

Lately, I've been thinking about art being worthy of the particular creator and The Creator. If our talent is a gift, shouldn't we reflect what we believe? If you acknowledge Jesus as your Savior, and you are a creative, you have a duty to glorify God with your work.

I'm not saying that everything must have a religious overtone. Don't get me wrong. I simply think art should celebrate creation, lift hearts, and illuminate the spirit. Art should engage and bring people together.

Here are a few quotes to consider:

I'm not necessarily saying your art must be created specifically for the Christian market. But, in general, your art should reflect your relationship with the Creator. It should be full of truth, beauty, redemption, and grace.

I have standards for what I consider art. It is subjective, right? My town has an "art piece" by our public library. It's a giant-size ball and jack. That's not my idea of art. I wish it were something that is more inspiring than sentimental. Art has the opportunity to elevate and inspire, and that doesn't inspire me.

Years ago, I took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Denver Art Museum. The guide was fantastic. Before movies and television, folks would view art then discuss it, similar to how people discuss and review movies and television these days. That little piece of info thrilled me. One of the paintings, and I can't recall what it was called or the artist (sorry), included a couple walking away with a dog. At the time, including the back end of a dog in a painting was not done, and it created quite a stir. That piece surely engaged people. I know it lifted my heart (and gave me a chuckle) and it brought folks together. It created questions in my mind about the scene.

Anyway, just sharing some thoughts I've had lately. Have a happy week, friends!


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