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Don't Give Up!

Yup, here's another pep talk coming your way. (I need this as much as you.)

It's hard to strive for a goal when you've not reached success. Any you know what? The fact that it's difficult doesn't matter. If you have a dream in your heart, you owe it to yourself to keep pushing forward.

If you're a believer, trust that you're in God's will. Remember, unlike you, God is not in a hurry. That's a difficult fact to accept. So, keep moving forward and surrender your timeline to God's timing.

If you're overwhelmed, give yourself grace. Give yourself a break.

Personally, I don't feel released from my goal, so I'll keep on the journey. I truly believe God put the dream/goal of publication in my heart, so I'll continue until I'm redirected.

My advice to writers? Even if you only write 25 words on a particular day, that's progress. Keep pushing forward. Hang in there, friends. I am.



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