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Get to know author Dineen Miller

I love to connect readers with authors they'll enjoy reading!

I've admired Dineen for years since meeting at a writers conference. When I heard she has a new release, The Friendly Disaster, I wanted to introduce her to my friends. Isn't that a fun cover?

I asked Dineen a few get-to-know-you questions, and she kindly shared her replies.

Dineen, what's your favorite season and why?

Fall. I’ve always loved this season because of the promise it holds for change and celebrations. I love the colors, the foods (maybe a little too much), and special gatherings (we have a large family).

What makes you feel alive? Hitting that creative groove, whether it’s in writing, drawing, or crafting. It’s like a shift happens, and you know you’ve tapped into something deeply connected to the spirit and to how we’ve been created by God to be creative.

What other books have you written, whether published or not? I’ve written two thriller series: The Prophetic Arts series, which includes a former Carol award winner, The Soul Saver (Megan here: I loved this one!), and the Treasures of the Ark series (under my pen name Nina Roth), which is a relic hunters series about the elements originally stored in the ark being discovered and their impact on those who use or try to recover them, including a secret group called the Natsar. I’m thrilled the first book, Manna Reign, is a Carol Award finalist this year. I’ve also done a number of coloring books under my name or my other pen name, Hue Manatee Art. And I have a YA Urban Fantasy that was in Kindle Vella for a while. I hope to republish that book (Convergent Revolution) after I write the third book in the Treasures of the Ark series. But right now I’m really excited about my new rom-com series, The Pineapple Club.

The books can be read in any order and there are three so far: The Holiday Arrangement, The Desperate Deal, and most recently, The Friendly Disaster. I’m working on another holiday book for the series now that I hope to release by the end of October. This series has sweet romance, tropical settings, quirky characters, and an artsy town feel.

How do you keep your sanity in our run, run, run world? I’ll let you know when I find my sanity. LOL!

What would you like to tell us about the featured book? The Friendly Disaster is a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy inspired by my daughter and her husband. They are adorable! So this book is a nod to them. They’re both artists, but very different in their approaches and personalities, so that plays a big part in this story. Plus one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever witnessed in their relationship is in this story too, and involves a ponytail holder. I love it so much! Here's some info on The Friendly Disaster:

He waited too long to admit how he feels and now she’s found a perfect match. Will this triangle of passion end in calamity or kisses?

Calen Cooper is a master at hiding his emotions. Having been in love with his best friend since their awkward middle school phase, the coffee shop owner is afraid to clue her in to his true desires. But when his bestie’s devastatingly bad dalliances take a worrying turn for the serious, Calen decides it’s time to make his well-hidden crush public.

Emma Price is a hot mess. With all of her romantic escapades ending in an absolute dumpster fire, the beautiful art teacher dreams of one day meeting a halfway-decent guy. So when she finally starts dating a man with a solid head on his shoulders, the starry-eyed hopeful can’t understand why her BFF continually shows his disapproval.

As Calen’s plan to attract visitors to Emma’s show pales in comparison to her new boyfriend’s connections, the besotted man fears he’ll never be enough. But when Emma’s eyes are opened to her platonic pal’s extreme efforts, she wonders if it’s wrong to keep him in the friend zone.

Can a bashful barista prove to a struggling artist that he’s soulmate material?

The Friendly Disaster is the feel-good second book in The Pineapple Club romantic comedy series. If you like genuine characters, witty banter, and delightful tropical settings, then you’ll adore Dineen Miller’s heartwarming tale.

Dineen, how can readers find your book on the Internet? The Friendly Disaster is on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited, as are the other books in the series (all my books, actually. LOL!). And you get a bonus book in the series when you sign up for my newsletter: Thank you for having me, Megan! Always a pleasure! Links:


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