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Here's a new take: writing as part of a diet plan

Summer is fast approaching, and with COVID restrictions lifting, thoughts are turning to shedding our COVID fat.

Have you considered writing as a diet plan? That sounds crazy, but writing as part of your diet plan might just be the nudge some writers need to stay productive.

Here's the catch: you have to care about what you're writing.

A study found that people who write about what they valued lost weight. Apparently, experts have concluded making ourselves happier acts as an appetite suppressant.

Doesn't that give you a thrill?? It does me. When I'm writing, I can experience so much pleasure it takes my breath away. I said "I can experience" because sometimes writing is just work. But at times, the act of creation is a joyous occurrence. Those days, I finish a writing session and can't wait to get back to my manuscript.

So, hustle over to your keyboard or notebook, and get writing!

For more information, check out an article about the study here.

Write on, friends!


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