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Keep Being Faithful!

Somebody needs to hear this: keep being faithful! I know you're discouraged, I know you're weary, I know it hasn't been easy. Truly, I know. I often feel the same way.

If you believe God has set you on a path, be steadfast. If you believe God has given you an identity, keep seeking after that identity. If you believe God has instilled a purpose in your life, keep pouring into that purpose.

For me, the purpose I'm pursuing is to get my novels into the hands of people who need to hear the message in the pages: Hope. Kindness. Sanctifcation. Love. Promise. Faith. Trust.

Sometimes being faithful isn't a "big" goal, it's about caring for yourself and others through a difficult time. Often we're alone in those moments, just existing day to day, trying to get through whatever is going on. Keep being faithful!

Keep being faithful. Just do the next thing. Whatever it is you are striving toward, do the next thing to move you closer to your goal. Be faithful to your dreams. It doesn't matter if others don't understand your drive. It doesn't matter that you're not being noticed or appreciated for your ongoing goal.

God's timetable doesn't have to line up with your schedule. And His plans for you don't have to correspond to your dreams. One day, you might see that the delay or the redirection was a blessing. Maybe you won't see that this side of eternity, still—trust in Him. (Remember Romans 8:31, If God is for us, who can ever be against us?)

It's important to rehearse your wins and to remember your victories—all the wonderful things God has done for you and brought you through. If He was faithful in the past, He will be faithful in the future. But be sure to fear the Lord and faithfully serve Him. Think of all the wonderful things He has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24

This post will be published on a timely day, the third of the month. I read a chapter of Proverbs daily, which corresponds to the day of the month. So, today's reading includes wisdom from the third chapter of Proverbs. Check out verses five and six: Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. Keep being faithful!

Don't worry if you have a night wrestling with doubts. Morning brings another opportunity for you to be faithful. Lamentations 3:23 tells us His mercies begin afresh each morning.

Not too long ago, I was ready to give up writing (yeah, again.). I wanted to talk it over with my husband, but I knew my mood was too dark to share. You see, I've learned not to trust my emotions. They are so unreliable. So instead, I grabbed my Bible and headed outside to my comfy chaise lounge. I ended up reading the book of Ephesians. When my eyes fell on chapter three, verse twenty I rested in those comforting words: God is able to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

My dreams and goals may not bear the fruit I'm hoping for, but I 100% believe there is a reason for my dreams. Maybe I'm the only one who will be impacted by the thousands of words I write. If that's God's heavenly goal for me, then that will be fine. I only want what He wants for me. I know my joy will be found in obedience, no matter the outcome. But still, I trust that there's a reason beyond what I can see. I have faith. That's why I call myself a prisoner of hope.

Friends, if you're facing the challenge of moving toward dreams and goals, keep being faithful! Don't give up. Don't give in to discouragement. Don't bother yourself that you labor in obscurity. Don't worry that you don't have the support of others. Believe in yourself and in God's plan for your life. Trust Him.

*I don't know who wrote those beautiful words in my graphic. I did several searches and came up with nothing. If you know the author, please let me know. I'd love to give attribution.


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