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Lifehack: Finding Joy in Simple Things

Simple little things, those that could even be considered inconsequential, have the ability to give you an emotional and spiritual lift. They are tiny pleasures that aren't necessities but add to your joy. I believe there's wisdom in finding joy in simple things.

My aim today is to get you to identify these little things and claim some joy. You probably have many simple things in your world that can bring you joy. The trick is simply noticing the little things in your world. I thought of this the other week when I kept being drawn to my fresh flowers, enjoying their fragrance and beauty.

If you can't identify and enjoy simple things in life, you need to set aside some time for introspection. It's the simple things that surround us most often. If you can spot those simple little, joys you'll find more satisfaction in the mundane business of living.

Tips to find joy in your everyday life:

  1. Make time for things that calm or soothe you. Yes, we're all busy, but it's important to pamper yourself. That could be picking flowers in your garden or enjoying a cup of French Press coffee.

  2. Schedule time for a particular activity that brings you a sense of calm, maybe an hour of reading on the patio or a walk in a park.

  3. Appreciate the spots of "luxury" in your environment. For me, that's a favorite ottoman to put my feet on while streaming TV or reading. Take advantage of what you've surrounded yourself with. You probably bought it to give you pleasure, appreciate your effort.

  4. Enjoy what you have and don't envy what others have.

  5. Do something that will bring joy to others. I love to create treasure hunts for my grandchildren. We all enjoy reading clues and finding the treasure. On occasion, I let my neighbor's dog out to potty and sometimes I leave her a little treat to let her know she's special—something like some home-roasted nuts or a muffin.

  6. Spend time reading the Bible and praying, and ask God what you should be grateful for/enjoying.

  7. Listen to music you haven't heard in a while and let the memories roll!

  8. Schedule a coffee date to get to know an acquaintance better.

  9. Join (or start) a book club.

  10. Make an appointment for a video call with a friend who doesn't live in your area.

  11. Treat yourself to a sweet confection you usually limit.

  12. Make your special someone laugh, it will feed your soul, too.

  13. Send a greeting card to someone who needs encouragement.

  14. Wear a piece of jewelry that you haven't taken out of the jewelry box in a while.

  15. Going through old photo albums and remembering faces and places you loved.

Some simple things that bring me joy:

  • Warm-weather-outdoor-Bible time

  • Recording my children's and grandchildren's height on the inside of my pantry door

  • Making hollyhock dolls

  • Coffee with cream

  • Fresh flowers in my home (that I often buy on the discount rack)

  • Surprising, simple views outside my window

  • Taking walks in my neighborhood

  • Playing silly games with my grandkids (treasure hunts!)

  • Writing on my patio

  • Encouraging others

  • Contemplating happy memories

  • Saving laughter (videos of my grandchildren belly laughing always give me a smile)

  • Making plans with family and friends

  • Zoom meetings with writing friends

  • Books, books, books

Also, finding joy is good for your mental and physical health: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Keep an eye out, you'll find little joys in your world, too.


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