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Lifehack: keep moving forward

Someone needs to hear this today.

Life can be difficult. Hard things will happen. Today, I want to encourage you to keep on getting up, putting one foot in front of the other, and living your life. Seek help, if needed, but keep moving forward.

I have friends going through difficult times now, and it's made me recall some of the bad events I had to pull myself through. Honestly, without my faith, I may have failed. Given up. Crawled into bed, never to rise again.

We're not meant to quit. At least, I'm not created that way. And I believe you can overcome this current situation/heartache and live to find a better day.

Difficulties will come. Life may change forever. Still, God is good, and life is worth living. Do you trust in God? That's the only way I've found to move forward through difficulties.

I love to look at folks from the Bible and be inspired by their faith. When the Israelite army was shaking in their sandals because the giant Goliath was calling them out to fight, David volunteered. Instead of putting on oversized armor, David picked up a stone. Many times previously, he'd used a stone and a sling to ward off danger for his sheep. Sometimes we need to think about what we do have. If you trust in God, you have faith in your arsenal. Use it! David didn't look at Samson's size, he relied on God's provision. He trusted God had put him in that place, so surely he would prevail. And he did. Use your faith like a weapon. God honors those who step forward in faith.

While they were fleeing the Egyptians, the Israelites were shaking in their sandals. (See Exodus, chapter 14.) There was an army bearing down on them and a sea before them. They freaked out and blamed Moses for delivering them from slavery. Clearly, they had forgotten their faith. BUT, Moses stayed calm and remembered the faithfulness of the Lord. I bet the Israelites wanted instant delivery. Despite what the movies have shown, that's not what happened. They had to wait through the night while the winds dried the seas. As dawn broke, they moved forward, across the dry seabed. They were saved through Moses's faith and the faithfulness of God. He made a way for them.

He'll make a way for you!

Friends, if you're experiencing troubles, don't close the book on your life—turn the page and start a new chapter. In this new chapter, find your faith, remember the faithfulness of God, and be bold in moving forward.

PS: I'm praying for you!



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