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Operating in faith, encouraged by glimmers

Some folks say they're operating on a wing and a prayer. What keeps me going is a

glimmer and a prayer (but most definitely, the prayers!).

Have you heard of glimmers? They're those tiny sparks of encouragement that keep you on the path to reach your goal. I've heard them explained as being the opposite of triggers.

After a long break, I've been journeying on the path to publication for several years. Some days, I just want to give up. It's those times that something sparks, giving me a flicker of hope, and I stay on track—and don't give up.

Too often I've felt downhearted about continuing when it seems so hard, and then a glimmer appears and I'm once again fueled up and I keep going.

An example of a glimmer is someone asking about my WIP (work in progress) and saying how meaningful my theme is to them. Or it can be getting an invitation to join an online writers' group (hello, Scribbling Women!) I've gotten a glimmer when someone reaches out and says they've been praying for my writing. Or it can be a great critique from other writer friends. My most recent glimmer was being encouraged with a phone call about my WIP with some amazing suggestions to beef up my plot.

What to know the good thing about glimmers? They seem to occur exactly when you're desperate for encouragement. Some days while reading my Bible, a verse jumps out at me and fuels me to continue amid discouragement.

Here's the cool thing—you can be a glimmer for someone else. Keep your eyes open and see who needs encouragement. Even a smile on a difficult day can make a huge difference for someone walking a challenging road.

Glimmer on, friends!

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