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Useful Twitter hashtags for writers and readers

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Ahh. The Twitter hashtag. Hashtags can provide you with hours of entertainment—or for writers, procrastination. But they also provide information, help you to connect, and catch the eye of readers and other writers.

Hashtags are merely words or phrases used in tweets with the # symbol at the beginning of the word (without any spaces or punctuation). Specific hashtags open a timeline of everyone who has tweeted the searched hashtag.

Need to know how to search for a hashtag?

Simply select the #Explore link on the left side of your Twitter page OR go to

Here are some hashtags for writers (and readers) to use and monitor:

  • #amwriting This hashtag lets you tell the Twitterverse that you’re hard at work. Search it to find other writers also tapping out their stories.

  • #amediting lets folks know you’re hard at work editing.

  • Are you writing a query letter for agents or editors? Check out #amquerying.

  • #1linewed is a fun hashtag to share a line from your wip (work in progress) or to check out the other clever lines writers have shared.

  • #writerslife allows you to give a peek into your world, whether it’s a picture of your writing snack or insight into your writing process.

  • Looking for inspiration/tips on craft? Check out #writetip, this is a good one.

  • Want to connect with Christian agents and editors? #FaithPitch is a three-times-a-year event where you'll get access to pitch your manuscript.

  • #wordcount will let you post your productivity for the day/session.

  • #fridayreads allows you to post what you’re reading and give a brief description to others.

  • Another hashtag to promote a book is #mustread.

  • #writingprompts is a hashtag that will get your creative juices flowing.

  • Giving a book away? #bookgiveaway is the hashtag to use. Also, check it out if you’re interested in entering a drawing for a book.

  • Have a question for a pro? #askeditor will give you access to editors who might be able to answer your question.

  • Along those lines, #askagent will alert agents to your questions.

  • Want to find genre-specific conversations? Use #womensfiction, #christianfiction, #scifi, #romanticfiction, #ya etc.

Honestly, there are tons of hashtags that might help and inspire. It's a big world out there, but using Twitter hashtags will help you to find your community.

Write on, friends!


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