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Are you kind to others?

Are you a door holder?

Do you notice someone behind you and pause to pass off the door? I know, I know—you’re in a hurry.

You’ve got something to do/somewhere to go. We all do.

I always do the pause and pass. And when someone does it for me, I’m appreciative.

A few days ago, I was going into a store behind a woman and her teen daughter. She slowed to toss something in the trashcan by the door, and I know she saw me. But when she passed through the door, she let it slam in my face.

It wasn’t a huge deal. I’m strong and can open my own doors, but her lack of etiquette saddened me. I’m old enough to remember a kinder, gentler society where you were expected to hold the door for another. A time when people made polite small talk when checking out at the grocery store—instead of continuing a cell phone conversation or wasting time on social media.

A kind gesture or a kind word can make all the difference in someone’s day.

I think we should make the effort to connect in small, civilized ways, don’t you? Especially now when we’re bombarded by unkind (political) updates popping up

on Facebook.

What small gesture makes you appreciative of others? How do you extend kindness to strangers you pass in your day? Let's think about it, okay?


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