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Writers, get your stubborn on!

See that tree? I came upon it on a hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire last fall.

To me, that tree is the definition of tenacity—which is defined as the quality of holding fast; persistence.

And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared. ~Homer

That photo captures my attitude toward publishing. I’m the tree; the challenges that come my way are the boulder. Like that tree, I’m not giving up.

Sometimes I’ve felt that unseen forces were trying to push me off my path. Have you ever felt that way? But, I’m stubborn. I don’t let distractions snuff the life out of my dreams.

I hang in there, tenaciously. Stubbornly. Because if you quit, you’ll never know how your story would have ended.

Friends, if the Author of dreams has planted one in your heart, persevere! Be tenacious. And while you’re on your journey, do everything you can to fine-tune your craft: read books on writing and publishing, write, attend seminars and conferences, write, participate with a critique group, and write. And also pray—and write.

If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success—but only if you persist. ~Isaac Asimov

Be brave. Write despite the fear you work will never be read. God birthed this dream in your heart. Write to please Him, and don't worry about the rest.

Remember, there are two secrets to success: Get started. Don’t quit.


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