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A pep talk for when it feels like you're not succeeding.

Do you ever feel like all your efforts to make your dream come true are for naught?

Do you sometimes feel like you've done enough, tried your hardest, and you want to give up?


Life is hard. Schedules get tangled. The pressures and tasks you face each day can just about do you in. It feels like there are more tasks to do than there are hours in the day to accomplish them.

Sometimes it feels like you've stumbled and you're not getting any traction moving toward to your goals.

Know what you should do?

Get back on track, forgive yourself for your lack of enthusiasm, and move forward!

Sometimes, we need a reminder to be kind to ourselves. Tell yourself what you'd tell a loved one who is struggling to reach a goal.

Take your eyes off your "failures," and get back on track. It's not over until you give up. And giving up would be a sad ending to all your work, wouldn't it?

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