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Strategies to overcome writer's burnout, part 2

Last Tuesday I discussing writer's block and strategies to get your productivity back on track.

Writer's block doesn’t have to paralyze your writing progress.

I gave you the first few suggestions, last week. Here are five more methods to get your fingers flying over the keyboard:

1. Work on another project for a while

  • If you can, switch gears to another project you have in the works or make notes on a subsequent project you’ve been thinking about. You may return to your “blocked” project with fresh eyes after a little time away from it.

2. Read a great book

  • Sometimes reading great writing gives you the itch to write yourself.

3. Try to write out of your genre

  • Write non-fiction if you’re a fiction writer. It could be just a simple letter to a friend or a short article on craft that you can share with writing buddies.

  • Write a poem.

  • If you write non-fiction, practice fiction techniques to use in your non-fiction writing.

4. Try free writing

  • Give yourself a time limit of 10-15 minutes and let your fingers fly over the keyboard. Even if you’re writing crazy nonsense, you may spark a thought or idea that will springboard you back to work.

5. Take a creative field trip

  • Visit a museum, listen to soul-stirring music, go to the movies.

  • Sometimes spending time in other creative environments, spurs the desire to be creative in your own work.

Write on, friends!


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