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Divine Humanity—A beautiful Christmas thought to ponder!

At this special time of year, I wish you a thrill of joy. . .

Decades ago, my parents passed on their nativity set to me. In the box with the crèche was a postcard with a sentiment written by Phillips Brooks, a man known as the greatest American preacher of the 19th century and author of the Christmas hymn, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

For as long as I can remember, my mother put this reproduction antique postcard on the table next to our nativity set each Christmas season. I display this old card, too.

Each year when I read the postcard, a thrill of joy bubbles up from my heart, and I want to share that with you, friend.

“Lift up your eyes to the great meaning of the day, and dare to think of your humanity as something so divinely precious that it is worthy of being made an offering to God. Count it as a privilege to make that offering as complete as possible, keeping nothing back; and then go out to the pleasures and duties of your life, having been truly born anew into His divinity, as he was born into our humanity on Christmas Day.”

Since I was a very young woman, I have given myself, heart and soul, to my Lord. I offer each of my days to Him. And in a most humble way, I think of my writing as something so divinely precious that it is worthy of being made an offering to God as well.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

*This is my annual Christmas re-post. I love it so much I trot it out every holiday season.

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2023년 12월 19일

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it! Merry Christmas!

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