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Finish 2021 strong!

It's nearly over, 2021. Only a handful of days, and then 2022 crests the horizon. This last week of the year is a slide-by week for many. Folks move through the hazy days between Christmas and New Year taking it easy and coasting through the last days of another hectic year.

That's not a bad tactic, but an even better plan is to finish the year strong. I love this quote (author unknown):

The spirit of the saying is beautiful, believing every day can become a blessing. Truth is, every day can become a blessing if you act on your generosity toward others (AND yourself!).

Let's charge toward the end of the year determined to end 2021 strong. Be intentional with each of the days remaining in this fading year—tie up loose ends, lay down old burdens, and polish some new goals/dreams.

Give yourself some time and solitude to mull over the past year and prepare for what could possibly be your best year yet. While you're at it, pray that God will show you how to tie up those loose ends, how to walk away from the burdens you've been dragging along, and which goals you should pursue.

Prepare your heart and soul to enter 2022 with strength and optimism!

See you next year, friends!


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