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My debut novel, Searching for Spice, is on sale now!

You can't imagine my surprise when I got an email from Tyndale House Publishers a few weeks ago. Tyndale published my first two novels way, way back in 2008. Fortunately, love never goes out of style, and they are featuring Searching for Spice as a part of their February eBook promotion.

February and Valentine's Day is the month to celebrate love. Searching for Spice is a twist on the typical love story because it involves a long-married couple.

HERE'S THE OFFER: Any book club or group of friends who takes advantage of the eBook deal and reads Searching for Spice is welcome to chat with me about the book via Zoom. I love to meet with book lovers. You can get the eBook with this link.

Because it's my first published novel, Searching for Spice will always be special to me. I incorporated real-life places and situations in the story. The town, Pine Grove, is my town by its original name. The restaurants are in my town, the dog was my little terrier. Even some of the narrative is from my life. Page 26: He's as romantic now as the day I married him, and he wasn't at all romantic when we married. The only time he ever held my hand in public was when I was pregnant and walking on an icy sidewalk.

I was so delighted when Searching for Spice was translated to Dutch. That was such an honor. I loved the cover the Dutch publisher chose. Isn't it cool?

Having always dreamed of becoming a traditionally published author, attaining success was surreal. The first time I held my book, I felt pins and needles all over.

The launch party was one of the best celebrations ever! I held it at the historic Daniels & Fisher Tower in downtown Denver. We partied in the top two floors of the building, and almost everyone climbed up to the observation deck at the tippy top to get a view of Denver at night. The event was packed with family, friends, and book lovers.

I was honored to get some great reviews:

Romantic Times Magazine gave Searching for Spice 4 1/2 stars, which is their top rating:

Romantic Times also included a small article on my book.

More reviews:

“Be careful what you pray for . . . Megan DiMaria’s Searching for Spice is an entertaining tale of an Everywoman who yearns for the Extraordinary--as we all do on occasion. Filled with humor, zest, and real life, this charming romantic tale will charm and delight.”

--Angela Hunt, author

"Debut author, Megan DiMaria, breaks new ground with Searching for Spice by putting a unique twist on one woman's desire for a bodice-ripping, lip-flaming affair . . . with her husband! DiMaria taps into the inner longing of every married woman. Imperfect people with very imperfect lives shatter long-held stereotypes discoloring the Christian family. Sharp writing and dialog put you in Linda Revere's head building your faith, along with hers, as she faces mountainous obstacles to her dreams, and finds peace in Jesus."

--Darcie J. Gudger, reviewer

Megan DiMaria crafts a novel so compelling, so real, you forget you're reading fiction…Megan DiMaria transcends the boundaries of genre, using fiction as a powerful tool to teach all of us how much Jesus loves us and comforts us in our deepest pain. Spice is a MUST READ for both men and women.”


"Megan DiMaria's debut novel takes you on a journey where the destination originally envisaged does not materialize in the expected fashion. I began this story sympathizing and laughing with Linda, as she stumbled through what most women experience, expecting a lighthearted and fun read. Searching for Spice provides just that but so much more!…This is a fabulous read and I look forward to the sequel, Out of Her Hands, later this year.”


DiMaria’s humor about everyday life and her spot-on ability to describe frustrating situations with a bit of a dry wit had me laughing out loud more times than I’d like to admit. I soon realized that Linda is an Everywoman – someone we can all relate to. It does not matter if you are single or married: if you have a crabby boss, man troubles, or deal with selfish people, you can relate to Linda.”


“Mid-life mom-lit fans will enjoy DiMaria’s spunky debut, even as married readers ponder the state of passion --- or lack of it --- in their own marriages. DiMaria drives home her point in an enjoyable way: the value of a spouse who stands by his family during the rocky times as well as the easy moments, and whose steady faith and solid parenting mean more than glittering jewelry or lavish gestures.”


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