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#Opportunity Alert!!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Do you write Christian fiction and/or nonfiction? Are you looking to catch the eye of an agent or a publishing house? Then polish up your 280-character-long pitch and mark your calendar for June 25, 2020, from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

You can participate in this online-only event by going on Twitter June 25th and using the hashtag #FaithPitch. If you can't make it, the event occurs three times a year, and another #FaithPitch will come along in November.

#FaithPitch is specifically for those interested in the Christian market—folks who write from a Christian worldview. Although you don't know who on the publishing side might attend, the agents and editors that participate are looking exclusively for Christian writers.

There are guidelines. For instance, the event is for unpublished, unrepresented work, and unagented writers. Also, manuscripts must be completed and edited. And you must pitch in only one Twitter post. If you need to brush up on compiling a succinct pitch, check out simple tips for writing an elevator pitch.

The host's website is You might want to check it out for additional info and tips. Additionally, use the #FaithPitch hashtag on Twitter prior to the event to ask questions or find encouragement from other writers who have previously participated.

I reached out to Rachel Pellegrino, the person behind #FaithPitch, to get more info on this fun opportunity.

Rachel, where did the idea for #FaithPitch come from? And how long has the event been going on?

The idea for #FaithPitch came from my participation in a pitch event a few years ago when they were just coming on the scene. I remember as I browsed the feed that there weren’t many faith-oriented pitches, and the ones that were there were hard to find. I always say I didn’t invent this wheel, but I spun off the idea to create our version. The cool thing is that there is a pitch contest for all types of genres and sub-genres. 🙂

#FaithPitch is four years old this June. We launched our first one in June of 2016.

What if someone is not available on the date #FaithPitch occurs?

There are two ways to participate in #FaithPitch: First is to take the day off and sit at your computer posting your four pitches individually throughout the day. Not very realistic! The next best way is to actually schedule your pitches using an app like Hootsuite, Co-Schedule, Buffer, etc. You don’t want to post all at once and go about your day. You really want to space your pitches out, so it’s quite helpful to schedule them during our times and browse the feed as you have time.

What feedback have you gotten from agents and editors about #FaithPitch?

When we first started, I honestly think some agents and editors weren’t real sure what to make of it. But, as more of these events have developed, and fresh stories are being shared, industry pros are excited about what they might find. The CBA industry can be challenging to break into, but #FaithPitch is becoming an extra tool for connection and we are growing in the number of agents and editors who choose to participate.

Do you anticipate any changes in the program for the future?

That’s hard to say. We try to keep the guidelines consistent and not make too many changes unless we see a need. Sometimes changes come out of necessity—like Twitter moving from 140-characters to 280-characters. Other times, due to growth or requests, I look for ways that might enhance our event, like adding non-fiction last year.

I understand that #FaithPitch isn’t your only business. What’s your day job?

Besides being a wife, mom, and daughter, I do juggle quite a few hats, as most folks do these days. Along with hosting #FaithPitch, I am the founder and publisher at Little Lamb Books, which is a children’s publishing house for faith-based fiction and non-fiction. That's my primary responsibility. This year, I also launched my own consulting company for writers who desire writing or querying help. And, of course, there’s #FaithPitch and The Arrow Awards too.

Anything else we should know?

#FaithPitch invites Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) agents and editors from all over to look at the variety of manuscripts and stories that are being written. I’m thrilled that we have been able to see many connections made between writers and industry professionals, whether they be from a large publishing house or a small literary agency. Even more special to me is the support and encouragement that our participants receive from one another. Writing can be isolating and many during this time feel very alone, and I love that we can offer an opportunity to come together.

Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. It was great of you to stop by for a chat to shed more light on #FaithPitch.

Best of luck to any writer who is going to pitch some of your work! Write on!



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