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Opportunity Alert: Angel Book Awards

My goodness, there certainly are a lot of opportunities lately for writers. (Check out this post and this post for more.)

Today's tip is the opportunity to enter your book in the Faith & Fellowship Book Festival's 2021 Angel Book Awards contest.

The contest "is open to all writers whose Christian fiction/nonfiction books were originally published in 2020. Books entered must be written from a Christian worldview. There should be no profanity, gratuitous violence, graphic sex, or other objectionable material not accepted by Christian publishing standards."

To be eligible, books must be an author's original work, published in book form in 2020. eBooks and audiobooks do not qualify for entry. The entry fee is $35, and you'll have to mail in your books with a postmark deadline of June 30th. So, get cracking!

Write on, friends!



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