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Opportunity Alert: Online Writing Workshop

I love sharing great opportunities for writers to hone their skills or reach out in their next step toward publication by meeting with other writers, agents, and editors.

Today's opportunity is the 2021 Colorado Writing Workshop, which is an online event. The workshop is a two-day “How to Get Published” writing event on July 9-10, 2021. Writers from everywhere and anywhere are welcome to attend virtually. The event will benefit writers of both fiction and nonfiction. The workshop costs $189, and you can add on a ten-minute appointment with an agent or editor for an additional $29/per appointment.

The event is billed as an opportunity to receive intense instruction, pitch a literary agent or an editor, get your questions answered, and more. They're squeezing a lot into two days, so if you're planning on attending, rest up and take your vitamins.

The workshops sound exciting:

  • Three Things that You Must Do Before Contacting a Literary Agent

  • Common Publishing Myths — Debunked

  • Everything You Need to Know About Agents and Query Letters

  • How to Market Yourself and Your Books: Talking Author Social Media, Blogging, and Platform

  • Word Wizardry: Crafting a Stand-Out Voice

  • Improve Your Writing: The Basics of Self-Editing and Revision

  • The Ins and Outs of the Editorial Process with Traditional Publishing

  • Writers Got Talent—a Page 1 Critique Fest

  • Open Agent Q&A Panel

  • Getting Published in Today’s World: 10 Tips to Make You the Writer Agents and Publishers Want

There are lots of agents and editors on faculty. Go to the website, and start to research which ones interest you most, so when you sign up to pitch you know who to choose.

If there's anything the past year has taught us, it's that online seminars can be very good. Consider this one, friends. And, write on!


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