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Opportunity alert: Scrivenings Press #GetPubbed contest

I'm always pleased to share great writing opportunities with you. Contests are a wonderful way to get valuable feedback and this one looks great.

Do you have a completed novel that needs to be published? The Get Pubbed contest is for completed but not-yet-published, full-length (at least 50, 000 words) works of fiction.

Breaking into the traditionally published world is hard, especially for debut novelists, indie authors, and authors without an agent. Indie publishing is also hard if you do everything yourself. And if you don’t do everything yourself, hiring editors, graphic designers, and manuscript formatters can get expensive! Scrivenings Press believes there are great manuscripts out there — just waiting to be discovered. And Scrivenings Press wants to see them!

If you've got a completed manuscript, you should consider entering this contest. The fee is only $25, and ALL ENTRIES will receive feedback from contest judges with tips to strengthen your writing. All judges are traditionally published in fiction.

The Grand Prize winner of the Get Pubbed contest will receive a publishing contract with Scrivenings Press; paid registration* for their annual author retreat to be held in the spring of 2022 (details to be announced soon); PLUS a thorough critique of up to 25 pages* of your manuscript by Scrivenings Press owner Linda Fulkerson, a multi-published author in both fiction and nonfiction; AND a $75 Amazon gift card.

Is Scrivenings Press considered a Christian publisher or a publisher of clean fiction? What’s the difference? They publish both. Their fiction needs to be clean and/or Christian. Clean simply means no sexual content, no foul language (including euphemisms), crudeness, vulgarity, or graphic violence. Christian means the characters are Christians or will be by the end of the book. Their Christian titles are nondenominational so that anyone who embraces a Christian worldview can enjoy them.

*Note: Do not submit 25 pages when you enter the contest. Get Pubbed entries are 10 manuscript pages plus a 1-2 page synopsis. Winners will be contacted so they can submit more pages for the in-depth critique. For more info, check out the webpage.

Interested in more info about Scrivenings Press? Check out last year's post about the contest and the publishing house.

Write on, friends!



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