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Lifehack: Why it's good to be kind to yourself

Pass it on—kindness! I'm sure you've seen that bumper sticker. It's a good one, but too often we forget to show kindness toward ourselves.

You know what the airlines say, before you assist a loved one with their oxygen mask, you have to put yours on first. That's good advice, too. It makes sense.

Do you take care of yourself first? It's not being selfish. It's filling up your tank so you can bless others. My morning rituals include washing, dressing, and making my bed before I leave my room. It takes a few minutes, but I feel as if I've already accomplished something before I open my bedroom door. I do this daily, even if I have company. It's my time to began my morning and get my thoughts in order.

I've given myself permission to take care of myself before I look outward to care for my family and friends. I think it makes me a happier and more pleasant person. Being courteous to yourself is one of the least selfish things to do because it creates space for you to care for others.

Here are six courtesies you should give yourself regularly:

  1. Show yourself the same kindness you'd show to someone else.

  2. If you're overwhelmed or have a giant to-do list, give yourself a break.

  3. When you make a mistake, give yourself the same grace you'd show to others.

  4. Allow yourself to ask for help if you need it. Don't be a martyr.

  5. Give yourself credit for trying, persisting, and accomplishing goals.

  6. Allow yourself time to take a nap or to sit or read. (I think reading is especially important.)

People who are just holding it together or who have filled their appointment calendar without penciling in time for themselves are a disaster waiting to happen.

Be kind to yourself. The world won't end if you say "no" to an occasional social event or postpone an obligation. In the long run, everyone will be happier.


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